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Gramma's Homemade Treasures!

Crocheted with loops of love

My passion and love for crocheting can be seen in every loop made.  It has become my method of survival over the years and I hope you find happiness in the products I make!

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My Story

Becoming an unexpected widow after 22 short years of marriage, combined with my continued fight with Multiple Sclerosis for the majority of my life, holding a job became unheard of, yet I needed and wanted to do something with my life.  My love for crocheting drew me to a passion I knew I could master and so began the journey toward Gramma's Handmade Treasures.  As a grandmother of five, crocheting would not take me away from spending time with these special individuals or with my beautiful daughters and son.  

Crocheting also brought comfort while sitting with our beautiful mother as she fought her battles with cancer.  The joy that covered her face when presented with the doll of her choice created memories that will be treasured forever and they continue to sit in the chair she designated for them before she left this world in January 2023.

I hope you visit me at Carriage Shack Farm, LLC, and purchase my homemade treasures created with love.


Gramma's Homemade Treasures

The below images are examples of what I can do for you!  I hope you find something of interest!

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