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Guidelines To Keep Everyone Safe!


For the safety of your children, we require that all children be accompanied by an adult when entering, and on the farm.

Free Admission Passes

The use of free admission passes must be accompanied by an adult admission.

Inappropriate behaviors

Our farm prides itself on a positive family experience.  In an effort to protect our patrons and our reputation, we  have the right to refuse admission into our farm to anyone for any circumstance.  This includes the entry of single aduts, unaccompanied by a child or another adult, intolerance behaviors include being rude, using foul language, or more aggressive behavior. Aggressive behaviors include pushing, vulgar actions, and the use of weapons of any kind.  Alcohol is not permitted on premisses.  Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Our Hours

Inclement weather can create challenges in maintaining our hours.  Carriage Shack Farm will make every effort possible to maintain normal hours; however, if we feel the weather is too unsafe for our staff, guests, and/or our animals, we will adjust our hours.


Carriage Shack Farm does not offer refunds or rain checks for general admission.


Carriage Shack Farm has the ability to substitute, postpone, or cancel "Activities" and "Events" along with their offerings without advance notice.


Carriage Shack Farm is committed to safety.  Without exceptions, we require all guests to respect and follow the rules posted, or verbally given by a staff member.  For example, we require that all guests remain seated while traveling in our tractor-driven wagon ride.  Our rules are designed to protect you, our animals, and our staff.  We ask that you please listen carefully and follow our staff's instructions.

Inherent Risk

Safety is always at the forefront; however, guests need to understand there is an inherent risk in participating in events, activities, or attractions.  We expect our guests to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner.  All guests must obey all written and verbal warnings.  Any guest who does not comply may be required to leave the farm or activity without a refund.

Animal Safety

We take safety seriously, and the safety of our animals and patrons visiting the farm is of our utmost importance.  Management reserves the right to reserve access to animal pens, animals, and/or other areas of the farm.  This restriction also includes restricting or replacing offered activities where the safety of our animals or persons may be of concern.

Family Atmosphere

We pride ourselves on providing a positive family atmosphere.  Obscene clothing or inappropriate clothing will not be permitted.  When visiting our farm, shirts, pants, and shoes must be worn at all times.


Carriage Shack Farm likes to capture its events and activities, including regular daily entrances.  By entering onto the property of Carriage Shack Farm, each guest grants Carriage Shack Farm the right to fill, photograph, and/or videotape him/her while on Carriage Shack Farm property for any reason without payment or consideration.  Please let us know if you do not which for your image to be used for any reason.

Smoking Not Permitted

There is absolutely no smoking allowed while on the property of Carriage Shack Farm.

Farm Rules: List
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