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Carriage Shack Reptile Barn

A new and exciting barn where visitors can meet, interact, and learn about our various species of reptiles!


Meet Apollo!

One of our favorite snakes among visitors

Meet Apollo, our 5-year-old Ball Python!  He loves to be held and has become a favorite among our visitors!

    Meet Toothless!

    Baby Savanah Monitor

    This guy may be small now, but when full grown, he will be about 4-feet!


      Meet Chumley

      Goliath BirdEater Tarantula

      Visitors will be able to view Chumley along with a few of his other Tarantula buddies


      Black and White Argentina Tegu

      Morgana is one of our rescued reptiles who has found a forever home with us.  Visitors are able to view her along with her other tegu friends.

      • Sulcata Tortoises - Including Homer, our 100 lb. tortoise

      • Yellow foot tortoises

      • Mud Turtles

      • Blue Tongue Skink

      • Iguanas

      • Milk Snake

      • Blood Python

      • Amazon Tree Boa

      • Carpet Python

      • Ball Pythons

      • Grave Robber Crab

      • Cuban Knight Anoles

      • Leopard Gecko

      • Crested Geckos

      • Scorpions

      • Red-foot Tortoises

      • Pink Toe Tarantulas

      • Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

      • Poison Dart Frogs

      • Pixie Frogs

      • Red Tegus

      • . . . and many more . . . 

      Don't forget to check out our other reptiles

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